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Can be used when the United States GG.. "The man heard here a face of discomfort, and drew a string of girls chuckle:" Dear, I just want to use with you. After the man's face was a little bright, he went on to read the last paragraph: "BUT!"! You can also play Redemption. There are super VIP accounts and surprise props. Do you want to play? I know you'll play. So in the game, look forward to seeing you again. Signature: "Love Flowers and Forget" The girl's smile was gone, staring at the last signature, and her perfect face, like a God, gradually turned pale, murmuring the four words she had heard since childhood. No, no.. No.. No.. "The girl was as transparent as black crystal, as if her big eyes full of spring water were staring straight at the paper, as if to see through it the person who signed it." Flowers forget, flowers forget! The man looked at her worriedly, trying to find a clue from the girl's scattered eyes. Silver, what to do? The girl, who had come to her senses for a long time, trembled and asked. I'm here. The man did not know what was so hot that the girl who had never pretended to be perfect was so flustered and helpless, but he chose to stand in front of the girl and protect her without hesitation. The girl was speechless for a long time, and after thinking a lot, she looked at the man who had been waiting patiently beside her,tape measure clip, and her eyes flashed a trace of guilt. silver。” "I'm here." "Do you know my habit of choosing male companions?" The man sat up straight and stared at the girl's eyes in disbelief, the most charming eyes in the world. The beautiful eyes that make him addicted forever, unable to extricate himself and unwilling to extricate himself. Open your mouth, but you can't say anything. I don't know what you're talking about. "Silver, let's break up." The girl ignored the man's eyes filled with disbelief and despair for a moment, and repeated coldly: "Now, we break up.". It doesn't matter. "No!"! I don't want it. Flowers, did I do something wrong? Sorry. Sorry. I will never.. “silver!” The girl interrupted him impatiently: "You know my temper.". Now,Fiberglass tape measure, please go. "The flower forgets.." The man does not want to believe, a moment ago also sweet words, yesterday also resists the lover who dies, unexpectedly can spit out such hurtful words. But he does know the character of the flower forget-the decision will never change. If he persists now, they will have no hope at all. He had to stand up feebly, dress and leave. Redemption.. When she closed the door, the girl was holding the note-the main reason for their breakup. Redemption! The man wrote down the name with a flash of cold light in his eyes. See you in "Redemption.". My favorite flower, and.. him! < a href = > Qidian Chinese Network welcomes friends to visit and read, the latest, fastest and most popular serial works are all in Qidian Original! [/url] Chapter 2 is there such a player! Updated June 27, 2009 18:56:03 Words: 2803 Universal Time, June 30, 2046, 23:59 In a floating manor on the outskirts of Z country w Game veterans know that due to different regions, the general opening time of the game is early or late, Fish measuring board ,Walking tape measure, which is different from the prescribed time, and the master has reached a certain height, grabbing these times. Moreover, this VIP internal test has special rewards for all kinds of first. Flowers forget to live for 18 years, playing games for 16 years, of course, will not not know this, so early they lie in the game cabin. [Countdown to game start 10 9 ·:·:·:·:·:·: ·:·:·:·:·:·: 2 1】 As if just a blink of an eye, then to another world. There are no birds and flowers, no clear sky, only the boundless red, entangled with the boundless black. Blood samples, dark red flowers. There is only one petal and only one thread of flower stem. The Devil's Lover-a flower that may be the only one left in the real world, sandwiched in her Bible. Without Manzhushahua, the flowers and leaves will never meet the despair, the devil lover has no leaves, it even has no despair.
Many men know that she loves this flower pattern, but only she knows it-it's her reflection, the flower her favorite brother gave her before he disappeared. How can this flower, which few people have seen, appear here? In the hall of a game! How do you do, dear Miss Servia. I am your guide 0001. "0001, please call me Flower Forgetting.". Can I start building characters? Because of the original name, the flower that evokes the darkest memory does not want to disguise any more demeanor. Sorry. Then please choose the race. The regular races are: Human, Dwarf, Elf, Goblin, Orc, and Demon. There are 1000 VIP accounts in the world, and you can choose special races such as Demon, Tianren and Senior Demon. Miss Flower Forgets Your account is special. You can choose to hide the unique race of Seraphim, the Son of Darkness and a special flower demon. "Let me see the last three." "Yes" Two figures appeared after the light. One, dressed in a gorgeous white dress, behind six pairs of beautiful white wings, emitting a holy white light. So quietly suspended in the air, but inexplicably people yearn for, peace of mind. The other, dressed in a cool black suit, has a dark brown and red bat wing that is 10 meters wide, which reminds people of a word-blocking the sun. Obviously just standing there, but the pressure on people's hearts panic. She wants both! "There is another demon clan?" After watching the first two best characters, Hua forgot to be interested in the remaining one. Sorry, the system stipulates that this can not disclose any information. "Oh, I'll take all three." The flower forgets to say as a matter of course. I'm sorry, Miss Flower. You can only choose one. "Two.". A demon clan, a demon clan. That's my bottom line. If the flower forgets to expect, wait for a moment, 0001 seems to ask what to finish,horse weight tape, answer: As you wish, Miss Flower Forgetting. However, the role of the demon clan can only be opened after you reach level 60. 。